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Q- What makes MindPlus Retreats different to other retreats?

A- Our ethos is to empower people to overcome emotional obstacles, blockages and limiting beliefs, the things that tend to make us anxious or hold us back in some way. The workshops, evening relaxation/meditation sessions and hypnotherapy sessions with Becca are all using effective techniques to help reduce anxiety, aid self-discovery, personal development and healing, increase confidence and relaxation. Yoga, holistic and beauty treatments, comfort and fantastic food are all part of the overall aim to help our guests feel positive, energised and leave us with a renewed ‘lease of life’.

Q- What is included and what is extra?

A- All food and drink (including up to two glasses of wine with dinner per person), personal development workshops, evening meditations, yoga, a group or one to one (depending on the retreat) Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Becca, one holistic treatment, fluffy robes and slippers to use throughout your stay and any evening activities are included in every residential MindPlus Retreat. Extras include any external excursions in the local area, any additional alcohol over and above what is included with dinner and travel to and from the retreat.

Q- What are the MindPlus workshops about?

A- MindPlus workshops are included as group activities on the retreats and are based on personal development and the mindset transformational tools and techniques that Becca uses in her practice and details in her book. From finding or re-connecting to our self-love, purpose and passions, goal setting and helping you clarify what you want in your life and creating your own inspiring and motivating goal list to tools & techniques to deal with anxiety.

Q- What are the evening guided visualisation/group meditation sessions about?

A- The guided visualisations use hypnosis, NLP, meditation and other mindset techniques to assist us to relax and think positively. They will be calming, uplifting and empowering and work on both the conscious and subconscious minds. These sessions are allowing subtle positive shifts in our minds during the retreat. Some of these are available as MP3 recordings for you to continue to listen to at home after your retreat.

Q- Is it ok to come on my own?

A- Absolutely, you are very welcome to come on your own. You can connect with others on the retreat and enjoy your own chill out time too. 

Q- Can I come with my partner or a friend?

A- On our retreats if there is space for you to bring a friend or partner, mum or daughter :) we are happy for you to come together. It’s equally fine with us if you want to come on your own.

Q- What age group are MindPlus Retreats suitable for and are they suitable for men as well as women?

A- The Self-Love retreats are designed for women only. However, the Wellness Weekends and Wellness Days are suitable for any age group and men as well as women. All activities from the yoga to treatments, workshops and evening talks/activities are helpful for people of any age and sex and all are welcome.

Q- What if I don’t want to take part in the group workshops?

A- The Self-Love Empowerment Women's retreats are all about self-love and we're only working with 8 people at one time, so the workshops are a safe and supportive space for us all to share. However your retreat is yours to do what you feel like doing. You’re welcome to join the group activities or opt out, as you wish.

Q- What can I work on in a one-to-one session with Becca?

A- Becca’s passion is empowering others to live their lives unlimited by anxieties, stress and negative ‘conditioning’, enabling them to be totally fulfilled and happy with themselves and others. She often works with people to help them with self-love and relationship issues, to overcome limiting beliefs or blocks causing procrastination, self-sabotage, Impostor Syndrome, money blocks, lack of confidence or anxiety. She also works with people to change lifestyle habits such as losing weight, reducing alcohol, stopping smoking. One-to-one sessions are included in some of the longer retreats. On our Self-Love Empowerment Women's Retreats the one-to-one session is all about connecting to your inner cheerleader to increase self confidence!

Q- What if I’ve never done yoga before?

A- The yoga sessions are gentle enough to be suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Victoria is an intuitive and sensitive teacher and will put you at ease if you are new to yoga.

Q- What food is included?

A- All food on your retreat will be prepared by MindPlus Retreat co-owner and experienced chef Dave. You can expect all meals to be delicious, tasty and healthy. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and varied and dinner is a three course affair with a glass or two of wine for those who are partial. Juice or water is there for those who prefer to keep their retreat alcohol-free. Meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans and all food intolerances and non-severe allergies are catered for. In between meals there is unlimited fruit, tea/coffee and water included. On the arrival evening a welcome glass of fizz followed by supper is served.

Q- How do you tailor the food to my particular needs and preferences?

A- Making you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible is really important to us and tailoring meals to our guests' preferences and requirements is part of the bespoke nature of MindPlus Retreats. When you book we provide you with a questionnaire regarding food likes and dislikes and any allergies/intolerances, so that we can cater for your needs as much as possible. Unfortunately, because of the health and safety risk we do not cater for people with severe food allergies.

Q- How do I book?

A- Please go here to choose your retreat, fill out the form and we will be in touch to confirm your booking and take the deposit. Please read our cancellation policy before making your booking. If you have any questions prior to booking please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. As soon as you have paid your deposit and booked we will send you a Welcome Pack with questionnaire, list of what to bring, detailed directions and everything else you need to know about your retreat. If there is anything we haven’t covered please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q- What time does the retreat start and finish?

A- Our 2 day (3 night) Self-Love Empowerment Retreats normally run from the Monday evening until the Friday morning at our farewell breakfast. Arrival time is from 5pm on the Monday and guests tend to leave after breakfast on Friday. We understand that some guests may need to leave on the Thursday evening after dinner. Our Wellness Weekend Retretas run from 5pm on Friday to after breakfast on the Monday am. We understand some guests may need to leave on the Sunday after dinner.

Q- What should I bring?

A- Bring comfortable clothes to relax in as well as to practice yoga in and some trainers or shoes suitable for walking. We provide fluffy robes, slippers and towels for use during the retreat. You will need to bring your own toiletries. A full list of suggested items to bring will be included in your welcome information on booking.


Q- Can I change the time or day of my included holistic treatment or one-to-one with Becca?


A- Your inclusive treatment and additional therapies will be scheduled into the timetable to ensure that they fit in with mealtimes, group workshops, activities and other guest’s treatments. Therefore it will not in most cases be possible to change the time or day.

Q- Will I have access to the internet and be able to use my mobile phone?

A- We encourage you to fully switch off from the busyness of life whilst on the retreat. There is some mobile reception and WIFI at our retreats for when it’s needed though.

Q- How much wine is included?

A- Two glasses of wine with your evening meal are included in the retreat. If you are wanting to drink more then you will have to bring this with you. We recommend to get the most from the time with us, that you limit your alcohol consumption. This allows the body to rest and regenerate and the mindset activities will be much more beneficial if you have a nice clear head.

Q- Can I smoke on the retreat?

A- No, although our retreats are very relaxed they are strictly non-smoking events. We welcome everyone on our retreats but please be aware that if you are a smoker you will need to go totally off-site to smoke.

Q- How do I get to the venue?

A- Our retreats are normally within 1-2 hours from London and can be reached by car, or by train with a short taxi ride from the station. When you’ve booked or beforehand, if you ask us we will provide you with detailed directions to the venue.


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