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About Conscious Connected Breathwork!

Updated: 5 days ago

Having experienced the healing effects of Liza Al Sady's Conscious Connected Breathwork

sessions, we asked her if we could include this amazing modality on our Self-Love Empowerment Retreats this October! She said yes and that she'd love to! So all of our guests on this retreat will experience one of her fabulous group sessions!

I asked Liza for some details about her healing journey and the benefits of her sessions. See her lovely smiling face here and some details below!

A bit about Liza:

"I spent the past 15 years working in the corporate world feeling stressed, constantly chasing my next deal, overwhelmed and empty. About 4 years ago I started looking into alternative therapies and wellness because I felt it was time that I faced my fears. I realised that no amount of partying, money, shopping or alcohol would take away that feeling I constantly had.

The only way I can describe it is like carrying heavy baggage weighing you down every single minute of your life. Baggage that was filled with sadness, anger and darkness taking over my body and life. Along that path of self-discovery, I stumbled on Breathwork and it has forever changed my life.

I decided to dive in headfirst and do The Hoffman Process. I quickly became extremely interested in how somatic experiences and cathartic release help the body heal from trauma as it had an incredible impact on my healing journey. I went off to train in Neo Emotional Release and Qualified as a Conscious Connected Breathwork Teacher and Coach. I became so passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork and wanted to share it with the world so went off to start SOUL SPACE STUDIO.

SOUL SPACE STUDIO is a conscious brand that focuses on conscious breathing and conscious living. Through events, workshops and programmes you can harness the power of breathwork to clear your mind, refocus, and find your inner flow, wherever you are."

So what is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a simple yet powerful breathing technique that involves breathing in and out through the mouth in a continuous, circular pattern. The breath is deep and full, with the inhale and exhale seamlessly flowing into each other. The technique is done without pausing between breaths, and the focus is on the process rather than the outcome.

During the session, you breathe awareness and movement into past energy, emotion, and trauma stored in the body bringing it into the present state of being. You tap into anger, sadness, grief and 'stuff' you've been holding onto or pushing down. This gives you an opportunity to fully process and integrate emotions and finally- fully release and let go.

How do you feel after the session?

Calm, relaxed, like weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Clear-headed and at peace. Completely lighter! A big shift in energy that is felt in every single cell of your body.

Some benefits of Conscious Connected Breathwork:

· Process & release deep emotional and held trauma at a cellular level

· Profound immediate stress release, deep relaxation

· Reduces anxiety

· Moves you beyond what is standing between you and your happiness

· Helps you let go of limiting beliefs and what is no longer serving you

· Connects you with your authentic self

· Increases self-esteem and confidence

· Regulates and supports your nervous system

· Strengthens the immune system

· Helps you step into your full power

· Releases pent-up emotions

· Deep inner peace

· Release toxins

· Life transforming


Check out more about Liza and Soul Space Studio here!

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