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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)? And How Does it Help with Self-Love?

Updated: May 12, 2023

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a super-effective therapy created by successful and world-renowned author and therapist of over 30 years, Marisa Peer.

It is a unique, hybrid blend of the most powerful aspects of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Therapy (NLP), Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to bring unparalleled results in one to three sessions.

Rapid Transformational Therapy gets to the root of a problem easily and quickly to heal emotional wounds, transform limiting beliefs and break negative habits and patterns allowing people to truly thrive!

How Does RTT Work?

RTT enables us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind using gentle hypnosis (the subconscious part of the mind is where most issues, blocks and limiting beliefs are stored).

During a session we access the root cause of the issue, which leads to an understanding of why and when it started. This understanding is powerful. The client and therapist then work together through a healing process of reframing and letting go of negative habits of thought and limiting beliefs that have been causing the problem.

This is incredibly empowering and leads to a sense of freedom allowing people to move forward positively, with more peace of mind, confidence and ease.

An important part of the RTT process is a personal transformational hypnotherapy audio, made specifically for each client and which they are advised to listen to daily for at least 21 days. This recording rewires the brain to fully accept the new beliefs, and positive helpful habits of thought, so that people can make positive change a lasting part of their life.

The mind learns by repetition and by hearing these suggestions on the hypnosis audio every day the mind is being programmed with new habits of thought. This leads to more positive and helpful habits of action and more self-love. Hence why RTT works so well for breaking habits like binge drinking or emotional eating, but it is also brilliant for relationship problems, confidence issues, low self-worth, depression, anxiety and much more.

Self-Love Can Help Us to Overcome Issues

I love this wonderful therapy and I feel honoured to be able to help and support people on their healing journey! I have worked with hundreds of people in my private practice and found that a lack of self-love and a feeling of not being enough is often behind much of the struggles and issues my clients want to overcome!

Whilst people come to me for RTT to fix a certain problem or change something specific, they get so much more from their sessions: freedom from their issue AND a deep knowing that they are enough, that they are loveable exactly as they are. This deep understanding allows a real sense of peace and self-love which radiates out into all areas of their life.

RTT can help with many issues that are caused or made worse by a lack of self-love such as:


· Relationship Problems

· Burnout

· Lack of Confidence

· Low Self-Esteem

· Anxiety & Stress

· Depression

· Phobias, Fears & Limiting Beliefs

· Business/Career Goals

· Money Blocks

· Procrastination

· Self-Sabotage

· Imposter Syndrome

· Addictions & Habits: (Smoking, Alcohol, Sugar, Gambling)

· Performance Anxiety: (Exam, Interviews, Public Speaking, Sports, Sales)

· Weight Reduction

· Eating Disorders

· Fertility

· Healing After Abuse

· OCD, Compulsive Behaviour & Self Harm

· Healing Physical & Medical Illness

· Pain Management, Cell Regeneration & Healing

What some previous RTT clients say!

Overcoming Fears & Triggers In Relationships:

"I highly recommend Becca and her RTT sessions, for those who want to overcome fears, insecurities and other issues. It helped me a lot and allowed me to dive deep into my core wounds. I felt a change right after the first session. My fears regarding particular issue have gone and I feel much lighter, positive and confident."

Disordered Eating & Lack of Confidence:

"I loved the RTT, it brought up some really emotional experiences but it was nice to finally do something about it. I first noticed a change about 2/3 weeks after the RTT session​. The best thing is that I’m not constantly thinking about food all the time and feel more confident. To anybody who is thinking about having RTT therapy 100% do it! Becca was amazing, made me feel at ease instantly and I felt comfortable with her from our first consultation. I was worried that I might not be able to go into hypnosis as I have never done it before, but it worked. I didn’t feel the benefits initially but about 2 weeks after the treatment something clicked and I instantly felt better with my relationship with food and feel more confident. Thank you Becca."

Depression & Perfectionism:

"I noticed a change in my thought patterns becoming more positive quite quickly after first hearing the recording.​​Thank you Becca, for being so supportive of me and encouraging, giving me the time I needed, as well as a very kind and non-judgemental listener."

Self-Esteem & Boundaries in Relationships & Work:

"I felt huge relief and shifts in the initial session and generally noticed more positivity and lightness with each day post. For me it was the right thing at the right time and got straight to some fundamental and important blockers that were starting to make my life too small. I noticed a significant difference the next day. I had some important and tense meetings and didn’t over think as much. I was also not as hard on myself as I can be. I was better able to put things into perspective. The best thing since my session is feeling lighter & more playful.​ I would most definitely recommend RTT to others, because of the programme itself and also because of the way you kindly, gently but very astutely lean into the heart of something Becca. Thank you so much."

Communication In Relationships:

"Before the session I was a little worried about any resistance I may have had to being hypnotised.​ But I enjoyed it. I went in with an open mind (open for me!) and found the process v useful to my personal circumstances. I'd like to potentially use it again, sparingly, when needed in the future.​ I noticed a change immediately after my session, especially the next 48-72 hours. Then by using the recording afterwards to reinforce what had been said in the session. The best thing since my session has been being calmer, noticeably calmer. I would definitely recommend RTT to others."

My Rapid Transformational Therapy 28 Day Experience is included in our Self-Love Empowerment retreats for women!!

As well as your wonderful residential retreat all guests will also get:

  • An initial 1/2 Hour Phone/Zoom Consultation

  • RTT 2 Hour Session (via Zoom)

  • Your Personalised Transformation Recording

  • A follow-up 30-45 min Coaching/ Check-In Sessions via Zoom/Phone

For more details of these wonderful retreats go here!

, many people need only one session to understand the root of their issue and to let it go for good. More



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